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The Man Behind The Music

A Documentary Film

Below Stairs Productions is a partnership between Bob Burton and Evan Archerd, both veterans of the music and entertainment industries.


Burton began his career in the  music business in 1976 after graduating from University of Texas. His 30 year career in the entertainment business has included artist representation, music publishing, public relations and top executive positions at both NBC and CBS television.

Archerd began his career in the music business in 1976 with Shelter Records.  His  career in the  music business  included public relations, music publishing, record production, film composing and song writing. He later became a screenwriter  for CBS television, Walt Disney Productions,  Columbia and
MGM motion pictures.


Bob Burton  first met Henry in 1978 and over the next 28 years Henry  became a mentor, friend and father figure. Throughout their friendship, Bob  was touched by Henry's modesty and humility.  Shortly before he died, Henry gave Bob all of  the  notes and photos from his incredible life's journey.


After Henry died,  Burton and Archerd  formed  Below Stairs Productions to create and produce the documentary film Henry Lewy, to honor the man behind the music.

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